My name is Andrée Starå

As a workflow consultant, I work with specific customer needs. Together we create better routines and processes based on the business conditions and my expertise. As a result, you will save money, as well as improve both the quality of work and customer benefits.


My incentive

My incentive is helping businesses optimise their operations by creating a better workflow, streamlining processes and finding more efficient routines. All with the purpose of improving your business, raise the performance, increase the quality and save money. All based on your specific needs!


My experience comes from over 20 years of work in fields like technology, service, transport, sales and more. I have as long as I can remember always had a great interest in streamlining and optimising physical as well as digital workflows. My interest has given me a deep understanding of work processes, great creativity in problem-solving, and an eye for what the customer needs. This is endorsed by a large number of customers I have helped over the years.


With a background primarily in sales, like Key Account Manager at some of Swedens largest IT-companies, I have learned to identify processes, find bottlenecks and streamline workflows. Some of the companies I have assisted with this is; Canon, Atea, Office IT-Partner, Thorn and Stjärna Fyrkant. On top of this, I have learned a more in-depth knowledge in service, business development and managing service companies, home electronics and transport.

The customers

Independent of the role I have been given, I have always tried to develop better and more streamlined workflows to be able to spend more time on the most important - the customers. I prefer working goal oriented, forward thinking and close to my clients. With this I have always aimed to get to know the clients and their needs well, to be able to find the best solution for each customer.


My goal is unchanged. I want to get to know you, your company and your co-workers on a broader basis, to be able to find the best solutions for improving your workflow. The intent? I leave that up to you. A more efficient organisation? To free up time? Increase margins? Or assure customer benefits? The choice is yours!

The next step

By now You have probably started to ponder over processes you could improve on. The next step is given - You contact me and we will set up a first free consultation. We will figure out your current position, where you want to be in the future, and how I can help you get there.